The Best Ways To Save Money When Selling Your Property In Durham

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The process of selling your house involves a lot of costs but it does not have to be that way. With some tips, you can save money when selling your Durham house. Find out our best tips to save you some money in today’s article.

Selling a house can be a complex, stressful, and expensive process. But by knowing a few tips and tricks, you can sell your Durham house without much hassle and save a boatload of money along the way. To learn more about the best ways to save money when selling your house, please keep reading.

Sell Your House As-Is:

To sell your house via listing services such as Rightmove and Zoopla, you need to conduct extensive repairs and doll up your house to attract buyers. That requires shelling out some money. Also, professional-quality photographs of your house might cost extra. But if you sell a Durham house as-is, you save all of that time and money as many investors are looking at a house they can renovate or redecorate for future profit. Other buyers who want to make your house their home might welcome your house as-is for a slightly lesser price as they do not need to complete all repairs and maintenance immediately.

Working with a cash home buyer such as We Buy Homes North East gives an advantage since we always have funds available to buy and make attractive offers on the houses. If you are dealing with us you do not have to worry about repairs, maintenance, and even paperwork. As we deal with houses daily, we have an efficient system that can streamline the whole process and you can close the deal within a week!

Negotiate Agents’ Fees and Commission:

If you move the traditional route of selling your house via a Durham estate agent, you will have to pay certain fees and commissions for the agent’s services and also for the listing service. But before you sign on the dotted line, make sure that you fully understand what services are covered under the fees. There are sometimes surprises in terms of administrative or marketing fees later on so you need to be sure. Also, regarding the agent’s fees, make sure you try and negotiate the commission. Some agents might be willing to accept a lower commission percentage if they feel they can close the deal quickly.

Do as Much as Possible Yourself:

While professional services can be worth their weight in gold, if you possess certain skills, it pays to take care of stuff related to selling your house as much as possible by yourself. If you have a good camera and photography skills, you can take great-looking listing photographs yourself. Or maybe take the help of a friend. Print out invitations, hand out your flyers, and arrange for open houses. It is not easy to take care of such things by yourself but it is a surefire way to save money on selling your house.

Let Go of the Property As Fast As Possible:

Holding on to a property for longer, especially when you are trying to sell it, can cost you a lot of money. Regular repair, maintenance, taxes, homeowner’s insurance, landscaping, upkeep, mortgage, etc. can tap you out of thousands of pounds as you wait to sell your house. Selling via estate agents can take months and as we mentioned earlier, you also incur listing, administrative, commissions, and marketing costs. In many cases, there is a holding fee as well. So longer your house remains unsold, the more money you lose. For most homeowners in Durham, selling to We Buy Homes North East can be a very fast way of getting rid of your property thereby allowing you to make large savings.

Allow Credit Instead of Renovating:

Many homeowners are tempted to renovate their house before listing in the hopes of attracting more and better buyers. However, your renovation or redecoration may not be liked by some buyers. Hence you run the risk of losing potential buyers who may be interested in the property otherwise. Hence it makes complete sense to leave your house as-is and instead offer the buyers some credit. This allows them to use this credit to decorate the house the way they like it. And you get to attract more buyers and sell it quicker while saving money on the renovation.

Sell by Yourself:

There is nothing like selling your house by yourself. Be warned though that if you are not familiar with the property market then selling your house via yourself can be a cumbersome and risky proposition. You have to do everything regarding the sale process yourself including but not limited to advertising, marketing, showcasing, answering questions, qualifying buyers, arranging paperwork, etc. Of course, you will save a ton of money while doing it and some buyers do like buying directly from homeowners. But the process is complex and stressful nonetheless. So do think it out properly before embarking on this project.

Before you sell your Durham house, do understand that there are many ways to save money on the sale. So reach out to use before you approach a listing agency or renovate your house and we would guide you towards the right methods to sell that will net you the maximum profit.

If you want to learn how to save money when selling your Durham house, contact us by clicking here.

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